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Far Cry Primal Central Europe Fix 1.4 — Far Cry Primal

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- Give lighter skin to NPCs
- v1.2
Make some hairs lighter
- v1.3
Make some hairs ginger
Fix a green spot on the finger nail
Lighten a brown-ish spot on the arm
- v1.4
Fixed skin color around the wound when using "Primitive Heal".

In the exeption of Tensay, i did not find him in the game files.
If you know where this guy is in the game files let me know.

To install;

- Go where you'r game is installed
- Open the data_win32 folder
- Rename both patch.dat and patch.fat to patch_sound.dat and patch_sound.fat
- Place the patch.dat and patch.fat of my mod in the data_win32 folder


To uninstall remove my mod, and give back it's original name to the patch_sound.dat and patch_sound.fat

Not compatible with mods editing the same files, obviously.
Not compatible with mods also using the patch files, unless you merge them together.

To merge the files you can use Duina Tools, you can get it here https://www.nexusmods.com/farcryprimal/mods/5

- Unpack the patch.fat of the other mod you want to use.
- Take the files from the extra folder i have provided with my mod (It is the unpacked files that i edited.)
and merge it with the files you extracted from the other mod.
- Repack the newly merged folder.
- Rename the .dat and .fat files you just packed to patch.dat and patch.fat
- Install it as explained above.


Feel free to reupload - edit - do whatever you want with this. Enjoy.

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Post by Rand »

West European Hunter-Gatherers that all actually look like they did?

What a concept for a modern video game. Lol.
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