HL Localization Fix 1.0 — Hogwarts Legacy

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HL Localization Fix 1.0 — Hogwarts Legacy

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Here is a reupload of the mod originally uploaded by 모드 " 피부색 버그 수정모드 " that translate to " Skin color bug fix mod "
https://f.rpghq.org/321JrOdN2kHg.rar?n= ... lakkks.rar
Original link ; https://arca.live/b/hogwartslegacy/70353728


Here is another reupload also originally uploaded by 모드 " 낫사이 얼굴 버그 수정 모드 " that translate to " Natsai face bug fix mod "
https://f.rpghq.org/TL0twt3ryiK5.zip?n= ... 사이.zip.zip
Original link ; https://arca.live/b/hogwartslegacy/70418611

Additionally, here is a mod made by myself, it add some NPCs that were missing from the mods above;
https://f.rpghq.org/5bg2J6NRKkSn.rar?n= ... g NPCs.rar

No screenshot included, it is an old mod i made a wile ago and the game is no longer installed, they just have a paler skin that's all.
Though if it is something that bother you, tere is a difference in quality of change from the main mod, as i am not as good as 모드 .
Especially for Professor Onai, i find it not easy to change from very dark to light with photoshop.


Professor Ronen
Professor Onai
Amit thakkar
San Bakhar

Few NPCs are still untouched, i could not find them in the files;

Effie Bone
Rohan Prakash
Hyacinthe Olivier

Sirona Ryan voice fix;

Here is a little bonus mod, it is a reupload of a mod that was made by an anonym originally posted on Nexus, that have promptly censored it.
It replace with AI the voice of the NPC Sirona Ryan that have a masculine voice on a female body;
https://f.rpghq.org/XBliXiI5pz3k.zip?n= ... ith AI.zip

Audio Sample;
- Before https://f.rpghq.org/kg42VpQKXlTW.mp3?n= ... sample.mp3
- After

To install:

Put the files in the Paks folder, located in Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks If it does not exist create it.

If it does not work you can try puting the files in the ~mod folder instead, located in Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mod

To uninstall simply remove the files

Other similar mod uploads that may interrest you.
Better skin for NPCs in Skyrim SE;
Better skin for Baranor in Shadow of War;
viewtopic.php?p=37462-baranor-fix-1-0-m ... war#p37462
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viewtopic.php?p=37993-far-cry-primal-ce ... mal#p37993
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