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Review: Caves of Lore

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Post by Falksi »

Couldn't take to it myself. Had a lot of positives, but the UI was annoying and it just didn't grab me. The kind of game which feels like a first entry tbf, like Serpent in The Staglands, would love to see a sequel with some more refinement and fleshing out.
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Post by Luckmann »

Huh, thanks for the review. Someone (JarlFrank or Jarpie?) recommended it on the RPGCodex Discord, but I didn't think much of it.

But now I feel like I need to try this out.
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Post by Breathe »

Wonderful write-up. I'll def be checking this out now.
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Post by rusty_shackleford »

Hi @Kalarion, please switch the images over to using the Vault ASAP. Catbox.moe doesn't load for many people and who knows how long it will be around for.
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Post by Boontaker »

Game is fun, blowing stuff up with my mage is cool. I like that loot is random, I found some dog armor with a lucky dig!
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