Joining HQ's IRC channel

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Joining HQ's IRC channel

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RPGHQ does not have a Discord server.

Instead, there is a dedicated IRC channel – #rpghq – on the Rizon network.

Forum rules apply to the IRC channel. Be civil, no spamming, English only. What’s not allowed on the forum is also not allowed on IRC.

Network settings
IRC server: (Additional servers here)
SSL Ports: 6697 or 9999

Which client should I use?
Using an IRC-specific program is highly encouraged. However, if you must connect via the webbrowser, we recommend kiwiirc.

Web GUIs Terminal

After you have connected

Changing Your Nickname
If you would like to change your nickname: enter:
/nick NewNickname.

Register your nick with NickServ
To prevent anyone else from using your nickname, register it with NickServ:
/msg NickServ register UniqueNickServPassword <email>

Identifying with NickServ
Once you've registered with NickServ, you need to identify yourself each time you connect to the network:
/msg NickServ identify UniqueNickServPassword

Some clients, such as Hexchat, allow this command to run on reconnection.
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